Cloud Strife is a mercenary who was hired by the anti-Shinra terrorist group AVALANCHE. He is the childhood friend of Tifa Lockhart.


  • Origin: Final Fantasy VII
  • Gender: Male
  • Classification: Mercenary, Ex-Shinra Soldier, Swordsman
  • Age: 21
  • Powers and Abilities: Energy Manipulation, Inhuman Reflexes,
  • Weakness: Unknown
  • Standard Equipment: Buster Sword



  • Finishing Touch: After swiping his sword out at his foe(s), Cloud can create a tornado that can blow away his foe(s).
  • Blade Beam: Cloud swipes his sword out at a foe(s), which launches a red energy blade at his foe(s) until it suddenly turns into three different energy blades and can hit multiple targets.
  • Meteorain: After jumping into the air, Cloud swipes his sword out at his foe(s) as he somehow creates voids that hurl a series of comets out at the foe(s).
  • OmniSlash: One of Cloud's strongest attacks. Cloud unleashes a series of powerful slashing blows to his foe(s) until he finishes off with a powerful downward slash, which creates a powerful explosion on impact.


  • Thundaga: Using one of the materias stored in the slots of his Buster Sword, Cloud summons down a series of lightning bolts from the sky above onto his foe(s).




  • The only version of Cloud used in fights is the pre-Advent Children version.