Broly is one of the surviving saiyans from Planet Vegeta who has the powers of the Legendary Super Saiyan.


  • Origin: Dragonball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan
  • Gender: Male
  • Classification: Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan
  • Age: Unknown
  • Powers and Abilities: Super strength, Super durability, Ki Energy Manipulation, Flight, Transformation,
  • Weaknesses: Insanity
  • Standard Equipment: None


  • Eraser Cannon: Broly's trademark move. He creates a sphere of green ki energy and hurls it at his foe for destructive results.
    • Eraser Blow: Broly charges at his foe and blasts them away with a green energy blast at point blank range to the stomach.
    • Eraser Shot Volley: Broly hurls a barrage of green energy blasts from both hands in a throwing fashion. Each energy blast creates a huge explosion on impact with anything.
  • Trap Shooter: Broly creates a sphere of green ki energy until he hurls it at his foe(s) and it becomes a barrage of energy spheres.
  • Gigantic Spike: A grapple technique where Broly grabs his foe by their head and slams them down into the ground head first.
  • Gigantic Lariat: Broly strikes his foes with his arms to strike them away or slam them into nearby objects.
  • Gigantic Press: Broly forms a energy barrier around himself then rushes at his foes and tackles into them with considerable force.
  • Omega Blaster: One of Broly's most powerful attacks. He forms a sphere of green ki energy in his hand until he fires it straight at his foe and grows in size on impact with a target, which creates a massive explosion.


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